Day 1
15 August

0900    Opening Remarks

0915    Keynote
            Stefanie Jegelka, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
            Understanding and Improving Graph Neural Networks:
            Stability, and Benefits of Invariances

1015    Break

1030    Session 1

            Alejandro RibeiroUniversity of Pennsylvania
            Machine Learning on Large Scale Graphs:
            Limit Properties of Convolutional Operators on Graphs

            Tess SmidtMassachusetts Institute of Technology
            Intuition for Data Type and Interactions in
            Euclidean Neural Networks

            Robin Walters, Northeastern University
            Simulating Radar Using Equivariant Graph Neural Networks

1200    Group Photo
1215    Lunch

1345    Session 2

            Jiliang Tang, Michigan State University
            When Can Graph Neural Networks Work?

            Carey PriebeJohns Hopkins University
Discovering Structure in a Time Series of Networks via the Iso-mirror

            Kasimir Gabert, Sandia National Laboratories
Finding Temporal Dense Regions of Temporal Graphs

1515    Break

1530    Poster Session

1700    Break / Check-in

1730    Reception

1900    Banquet


Day 2
16 August

0900    Opening Remarks

0915    Keynote
            Robert Bonneau, 
            Graph Analytics for Information Services

1015    Break

1030    Session 3

            Ali JadbabaieMassachusetts Institute of Technology
            Opinion Dynamics, News Subscription Networks, and Media Bias

            Yaron RachlinMIT Lincoln Laboratory
Path-Specific Network Causal Influence in the Presence of Communities

            Michael Leung, University of California, Santa Cruz
Unconfoundedness with Network Interference

1200    Lunch

1315    Session 4

            Aydın Buluç, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
3S in Distributed Graph Neural Networks:
Sparse Communication, Sampling, and Scalability

            Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
GraphBLAS Innovations

1415    Adjourn


Poster Session

Optimizing Defense Against Shortest Path Attacks

Benjamin Miller et al., Northeastern University


GRASP: Accelerating Shortest Path Attacks via Graph Attention

Zohair Shafi et al., Northeastern University


Application of GNNs in Reinforcement Learning on Computer Networks

Tim Reid et al., MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Optimizing Randomized and Deterministic Saturation Designs under Interference

Chencheng Cai et al., Temple University


Targeted Few-Shot Named Entity and Relation Extraction Using Text Entailment

Olga Simek, Erica Cai et al., MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Fast and Accurate Charge Density Prediction with Equivariant GNNs

Thomas Koker et al., MIT Lincoln Laboratory


SARS-CoV-2 Sequences Misclassification Network Spatial-Temporal Analysis

Wan He et al., Northeastern University


Autosurf: Automated Expert-Guided Meshing with Graph Neural Networks and

Conformal Predictions

Amin Nobari, Faez Ahmed et al., Massachusetts Institute of Technology